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About Us

A Place to Shine

Lucky Frank Studios was founded by actor, producer, writer, Charles S. Frank.

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We at Lucky Frank Studios are very grateful and excited to announce that the film and production studio has allocated it’s professional resources in order to create demo reels and scenes for actors that KNOW the quality of their footage will dictate the quality of their career. We have recently introduced Headshots THAT POP. These are designed to jump out of the page and get the casting directors attention!

We are located in Hollywood California and are home to hundreds of actors demo reels. The scenes range from dramatic, to comedic, to thrilling and even sometimes horror! And we LOVE to use our green screen to put actors in locations that they could never have imagined to be before. 

The best part about the company is how efficiently we are able to produce actors demo reels. Take a look at our work and realize what you need to make it in this town. You need material that looks like it belongs on television.

We accomplish this with our dramatic and comedy scenes, complete with professional camera work, sound, sets and professional actors. 

Jason Carlage

The studio itself consists of an office set, a classroom set, a common area set, and many MANY MANY more indoor and outdoor sets. 

The actors playing across from our clients are ALL professional actors hired by Lucky Frank Studios unless the client themselves want to bring their own actors. This is at no additional costs. All you have to do is show up at the day with your own wardrobe and Lucky Frank takes care of the rest. No worry, no hassle. Free to FOCUS on your performances that we will MAKE sure you shine in. 

As for the scripts. Lucky Frank TAKES CARE OF THAT TOO! We meant it when we said no hassle. Put your stress into our hands and we will take it from there. In order to assure that we are creating the scenes that you need and want. We go over drafts and scenarios of the scripts together BEFORE we pin the day of the shoot. 

Lucky Frank is not too good to be true. We are really here. Let’s get you started so that you can let us get to work. 

Actor Services, Los Angeles, Acting, Headshots, Demo Reels

Charles S. Frank

Owner and CEO of Lucky Frank Studios. Overlooks filming and post-production work.

Actor Services, Los Angeles, Acting, Headshots, Demo Reels

Maribelle Dizon

"Maribelle Dizon is our marketing coordinator and booking agent." She handles the sets, the actors and the finances"

Actor Services, Los Angeles, Acting, Headshots, Demo Reels

Eli Revivo

"Project Director" Eli Revivo Overlooks the creative process of creating the scenes. Lighting, Camera Operator, Sound etc.

Actor Services, Los Angeles, Acting, Headshots, Demo Reels

Danica Magpantay

Assistant Director, Actress, Boom Operator, Grip, Set Designer, Set Decorator. Danica is the glue to the operation

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