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Become an Actor with Lucky Frank Demo Reels

Become an Actor with Lucky Frank Demo Reels

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“Don’t become an actor! It’s an impossible feat to accomplish! It’s all LUCK!”
I can’t tell you how much I cringe when I hear someone say that. I think that it is the most misguided, fearful, regulated, STUPID ideology that a person can come up with.  Just ONCE I wanted to hear someone say this is HOW to become an actor! The last time someone said that to me was when I was working a valet drive. The 50 year old valet manager next to me was giving me this advice. I told him, “Well thank you for the advice. What do you suggest I do instead? Become a valet manager?” He didn’t like that so much.
I am a strong believer in following whatever way your feet are taking you. I took the fear out of being a feather in the wind when I moved to Hollywood in the first place. I’m still an actor, but because I went with the wind and my heart, I ended up creating the company Lucky Frank Studios.
Now here we are. I no longer have a survival job that I hate, and I still get to follow my acting dreams while growing my video production and demo reel business while I do it.
You see the man that told me not to become an actor. Was telling me that out of fear. I guarantee you that same man will not be leaving the valet stand soon. Him telling me not to become an actor was just another way of him telling me not to EXPLORE life and to PLAY IT SAFE! No matter what I do.
So now, that we are here! Let’s talk about it…… Let’s talk about why becoming an actor is not just a dream. How to become an actor is a reality to actually talk about. And it’s not just a lottery! It is a life long reality! In short, IT IS A BUSINESS! We will touch base here with what we are talking about, but if you want more information, don’t forget to visit us at www.luckyfrankdemoreels.com


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“Those who major in business have a better chance of making it as an actor than those who major in drama.” That’s a cold hard fact. Do you think Dwayne the Rock Johnson has such a strong social media presence because he likes social media so much? No! Do not get it mixed up. The Rock is a business man.
Any actor who wants to stay relevant for decades at a time has not only mastered their skills, they have become GREAT business men and business women. I’m talking from Jack Nicholson to Justin Beiber.
Jack Nicholson refused to interview or do major press releases because his team figured out that the public loved the mythology of Jack’s personal life. The mystery behind what he’s doing up in those Hollywood Hills. I once read in a book, that Jack Nicholson is not “Wild”, he is more a craftsmen with perfect pitch and tone. This not only applies to his movies, but his public image. The man knows what he’s doing.
Now lets talk about the Biebs? Do you think Justin Bieber is still relevant today because of his standout music. NO! Justin Bieber is a very VERY smart businessman. Justin’s style is CONTROVERSY! Controversy sells baby! Controversy gets eyes to look in your direction. All you have to do is to make sure not to go too far. Like Christian Slater or hell I’ll say it, Martin Shkrelli.
Also, did you know that MOST, CONSISTENT, WELL ESTABLISHED actors have their own production company’s. They don’t audition for the roles. THEY MAKE THE ROLES!
So I know what you’re saying. Get to the point!!!! How do I become and actor?Headshots, demo reels. What about it? I’ll tell you what about it. It’s all business! If you want to be an actor, you’ll have to learn how to use both sides of your brain. The left for creativity and the right for business sense. And if you don’t think you have business sense then, maybe you should take lessons from Kim Kardashian. That woman is a business genuis. She know’s exactly what she’s doing, even though she doesn’t really do anything!


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The business of becoming an actor

So why choose Lucky Frank? I’ll tell you why. Keep costs low. You need to keep your wallet’s full for more capital, equipment, opportunities and education. Plus, Lucky Frank is the best quality.
Now, I know what you are saying. “Charles, if you’re so business savy then why should we trust you with our demo reels at these prices, don’t you want the most profit too?”
YES! Yes I do! However, like I said before I’m an actor! I don’t have time to run a full fledged business. I made this company so that I could have a better survival job that is successful enough so that I can follow my dreams. I just need $425 a pop and if I get two of those, I’m good for a week! That is enough money for me. I’m not trying to turn it into a fortune 500 company just yet. (It would be nice, but baby steps)
So anyways, I’m going to leave you with that. Whether it be headshots or demo reels, DON’T assume what your agent tells you to do is right! Think for yourself. Become a business man or business woman and blow everyone out of the park who is spending their 7th year in the same acting class. You know that teacher wants to tell him to leave, but he loves the money. Just like you should too!
Anyways, that is all for now. Comment below if you have any corrections for me on my philosophy or any updates on how to become an actor in general! Hope to hear from you soon!
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