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Lucky Frank Got Your Shots

Imagine you’re a casting director and you look at your submission pages and you see an ocean of actors faces.  Now every shot looks the same. Some pretty trees in the background. Oh look, this one has a nice smile, wait, so does he.  Then all of a sudden you see it. SOLID background. CLOSE face. Eye’s POPPED. Luminiscent.  Now imagine that you can get these headshots included when you purchase our multi scene or higher package. Or, if you want the most effective headshots in LA, you can purchase them separately.  Whatever you need to get you in the door and get you on TV. With our professional capabilites from our video productions, we transferred them over to photography. We use our highly advanced color grading, post production and lighting techniques that make our video production reels stand out! Get your headshots THAT POP with multi scene or higher or get them separately for a Lucky Low Price. 

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