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Hollywood’s Horrible PC Culture

Hollywood’s Horrible PC Culture

Is Everyone Too Scared to Say this is Crazy?

Well guess what, this is crazy.

Today is January 5th, 2019. Everyone in the World has lost their minds. Or half of the world has and everyone else is just too afraid to say anything.

Now, I’m going to say something, because I honestly think 90% of the population agrees with me, but for some reason 10% of the population is dominating the PC conversation. Chill the F*&k out about Kevin Hart.

What prompted me to write this blog? Well lets start all the way back to two days ago.

Kevin Hart goes on the Ellen show to talk about stepping down from the Oscars. Big mistake Kevin and Ellen. Big mistake.

Hollywood is Becoming a Joke.

A complete and utter joke.

Sorry where was I? Oh yeah, Kevin Hart goes on the Ellen show and talks about how he made a tweet ten years ago which led to the removal of him being the host of the Oscars.

Now I know how it goes. Most of us roll our eyes and say, “There goes the PC police. Just let it happen. Sucks for Kevin Hart.” However this time it’s different. This time I went to the source of the PC police to see what this backlash was that people are referring to. I was and still am stunned from what I saw. The problem is much larger than I thought it was.

When I hear the words, “Kevin Hart faced Backlash, and now Ellen DeGeneres is facing it too.”, I don’t think much about it. Who is giving them backlash? A couple trolls? Is this just a headline that Fox News is using to elevate Donald Trump and the Republican party also known as the sworn enemy of PC culture.

When I see these “backlash” headlines I brush it off as just another news Headline. “Stars face Backlash.” However this time, I went to check it out myself. I wanted to see what Hollywood was saying about it. I figured if I want to read about Hollywood, then I better tune in to The Hollywood Reporter. This is what I found.

The Front Running Article that turned up on the Hollywood Reporter was this.

Why Black Women Should Not Forgive Kevin Hart Even If Ellen Does.

So this is the backlash that other news sources are reporting on? Is The Hollywood Reporter serious? What is this garbage? The Front page of the Hollywood Reporter is not the same as a bunch of trolls on Twitter. The Hollywood Reporter, and Hollywood itself has gone crazy. The world has gone crazy, and as cliche as this sounds, “YES. THIS IS WHY YOU GOT TRUMP!”

There is nothing truer than that statement right there. Nothing truer. And you know it, but you can’t admit it to yourself, and you better not admit it to anyone else, or else ten years from now you will lose your job and your whole reputation.

Let’s Talk About the Tweet.

I am a redhead. If Kevin Hart Tweeted 10 YEARS AGO about the ongoing joke of the unwanted redheaded step child, you would not hear ONE WORD ABOUT IT!

Not One Word. Why? Because it’s stupid and we don’t care! And he doesn’t make those jokes anymore!

There are certain intersectional groups that if you say anything about them, they will not let you hear the end of it. Even ten years later. It’s absurd. Again the joke was wrong. Move on ten years later!

Michael Che can go on SNL and call white people cheap crackers, Pete Davidson can make fun of war heroes injuries, Joy Behar can say Catholics who talk to Jesus have mental issues, but if Kevin Hart tweets a BAD joke about gay people ten years ago, then the whole world falls apart.

It wasn’t an appropriate joke! We know! Move on! Otherwise, next time you use the word ginger, or cracker, you better pack up all your belongings and move to Spain because that offended me! And no, I won’t ever forgive you for it.

I will say this though. Maybe the individuals in these groups aren’t as crazy as we think they are. Maybe, it’s just the authors of these stupid, damaging and victim bating articles!

We all knew this was crazy, but the fact that The Hollywood Reporter fuels the stupidity of the world today with these headlines makes me really believe that you people are f*&^ng crazy. Absolutely lost your minds.

Ellen and Kevin are right. Someone needs to take a stand. And that stand needs to be taken against the radical left. Not the moderate left. The radical left.

Two More Articles

By the way there were two more Hollywood Reporter articles posted under that leading one.

  1. Don Lemon Shares Emotional Message to Kevin Hart: “This Is the Time to Hear Other People Out”
  2. Ellen DeGeneres’ Kevin Hart Interview Was an Insult to the Black LGBTQ Community (Guest Column)

Lord, help us.

Charles S. Frank



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