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Commercials Essentials
Casting (1 Actor)
Set Acquisition
Skeleton Crew (1-2 members)
Post Production
BM 1080p camera
Large Commercials
Casting (Multiple Actors)
Story boarding
Pre-Production Team
Set Acquisition
Background Actors
Blockbuster Camera (RED)
Professional Camera Operating Systems
Full Professional Crew
Post Production + VFX + SFX (Team)
Demo Reels
$350 per scene or 3 Scene Deal!
Order Single Scene or...
Email for 3 scene MAJOR, MAJOR Discount!
$200 Deposit
Credit Cards Accepted
Payment Plans Offered
One to Three 2 Minute Scene
1 - 3 IMDB Credit
2-4 Re Edits
Professional Director, DP and Coach
Location Booked!
Turn Around 4-6 days
Satisfaction Guaranteed
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