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Lucky Frank Studios Social Media Marketing

Lucky Frank Studios Social Media Marketing

digital marketing, social media marketing, facebook advertisements, instagram advertisements

How Does it all Work?

Only use Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing if you want to exist today. Now what do I mean by that?

I mean, that if you aren’t on Social Media or any type of Digital Platform, then you don’t exist….. Pretty straight forward right?

Now, I know you get all sorts of words thrown at you everyday like, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Email Marketing, SEO Optimization, etc.  But what does it all mean?

I’ll tell you what it means.  It means that there are a bunch of millennials that found out that they can manage CHEAP advertising from their computers and they can make a lot of money doing it.

Well, they are right.  They are making a bunch of money with it, but they are not making a bunch of money for their clients.

So lets break it down.  What is the best way to use social media marketing.  For me personally, what I like to do, is hit the same person over and over again with my product until they can’t take it anymore and THEY HAVE TO BUY IT!  First, I hit them with Google Ads.

Google Advertising.social media marketing, commercial productions, digital marketing, online advertisements

Google is ridiculous.  I always wondered how they make all their money, and now I know exactly how.  Businesses cherish Google. We worship them.  Why?  Because they are good at their job.  They are starting to turn selling into mandatory buying.

They can almost tell the future when it comes to the consumer market today.  If you give your money to Google they will put your company in front of exactly who will buy from you at exactly the right time.  The data they have is scary.  One day you will be hanging off a cliff and Google will fly you some rope and sell it to you for $20.

Now the reason that I start with Google, is because I am getting the customer to go to my website from their specific search results.  After the Google Ad takes them to my website, then the customer is in the palm of my hands.  Now not only does Google have their Data. I have it too.  Next I move onto Facebook.

Facebook Advertising.

social media marketing, commercial productions, digital marketing, online advertisements


So the customer has left my website.  Doesn’t matter.  I have all their information.  AKA. cookies. Ah!!! You see!!! You always heard of online cookies, but never knew what they were.  Think of them as your breadcrumbs when you go from website to website.

So what do your cookies have to do with Facebook Advertising?

It’s called the Facebook Pixel.  The Facebook Pixel is a tag that you put on your site that tracks everyone who goes to and from your web page.  Now why would Facebook do that?

The reason is, is that when you leave my web page and you go to Facebook, Facebook will literally put my ad back in front of you on their platform.  But this time it’s a video ad. Pretty crazy right?  So then what?

Instagram Advertising.social media marketing, commercial productions, digital marketing, online advertisements

Are you on Facebook and Instagram?  Then do we have some news for you.  The Facebook Pixel also applies to Instagram, so literally with the flip of a switch, you are also getting my Ad on Instagram.

Oh you forgot? Facebook owns Instagram.

I know.  It’s almost not even fair anymore.  And if the you don’t have a lot of people that go to your website then literally Facebook only charges dollars to get my stuff back in front of you.

So now that I hit you three times, what is next?

Email Marketing.

social media marketing, commercial productions, digital marketing, online advertisements

Facebook has tracked you. Instagram has tracked you. Google has tracked you.

Now I’m not saying that they will automatically give me your email address (I think we are starting to violate some Anti-trust laws here), but with the help of the three big honchos I can definitely get your email address.

Fourth times a charm right?

The Best Part About it.

The best part about all of this is the cost.  In order for me to personally hit you four times it will cost me max $6. $6!

$2 for the Google Advertisement Click. $2 for the Instagram Advertisement Click. $2 For the Facebook Advertisement Click and Free Email Marketing.

So Why isn’t Everyone Rich?

Simple.  Because everyone is doing it.  There are some things in life that never change.  If you find out that something is effective and easy, then everyone around you have already found out as well.

The market may get better, but the competition will get better too.  That is why if you are running a company you should outsource or develop a whole branch to digital marketing.

You can make a lot of money with this stuff, but you truly do need a team on it everyday just to have an edge over your competition.  That $6 can go way up in the span of a day when your competitor tells Google the will pay $50 to take your spot on the Search Engine.

There are ways around it when it happens to you, like keyword optimization, time zones, demographics, location scouting, Google trends and Audience trends, but that is where Social Media and Digital Media Marketing get much more complicated.

So What Should I Do?

You need to find the right Digital Marketer who will make you a lot of money.  When you find them, don’t let them go! If they are good. Others will be after them.  Why wouldn’t they be?  Your giving them money to make you more money.  It’s an easy decision.

Do some shopping around.  Test them on what they know.  Find out if they are over saturated with other clients and then make your decision.  Social Media Marketers are a dime a dozen.  But the professionals can make you rich. 

We not only handle Digital Marketing for you, we also produce your commercials.  So if you are interested in this stuff then you can find us on the website below.

This Charles S. Frank with www.luckyfrankstudios.com signing out.




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